Best Play Food: Condiments

May 6, 2012

Kids love dipping their food. Ketchup, syrup, tartar sauce: our refrigerator door is crowded with salty and sweet condiments. So it makes sense that the condiment bottle collection we got Astrid for her little play kitchen is a big hit. That and the fact that the tops actually come off, which is key.

Speaking of – and I don’t mean to go off on a rant here – but what are toy companies thinking when they ship toys that have no interactive component to them? For Pete’s sake, what kid wants to play with a box of “food” that is painted to look like the real containers except none of them open, unwrap or uncork? I mean really. Giving a toddler a block painted to look like half a gallon of milk is like giving her a bike with wheels that don’t turn. Or the box the bike came in. Except I guess you could play in the box. Which makes it better than that milk, which isn’t even a good block because it’s all slope-y on one end where it should’ve had an opening for the milk to come out of but instead just has a $(*&#$! slope.

Anyway, Melissa & Doug did a good job on this one. It’s a five-bottle set of common condiments, each with a top that comes off an re-attaches with magnets. The magnets are the most brilliant bit. Without them, you’d lose the lids in, like, a day, Plus,with the magnetic pull and satisfying click when they lock,¬†even the littlest foodie can get them sorted out. Astrid fell for them in the play room at The Academy of Science when she was a year old and still loves them. (It took me a while to find the set online since the word “condiment” isn’t in the name. But “bottle collection” is. Like my toddler is a antique collector. Or an alcoholic.)

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Kitchen Magnetic Bottle Collection, $17.50 at Amazon

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