Avocado Eaters

November 13, 2011

Astrid’s first solid food was mashed sweet potatoes. Those were followed quickly by avocados. Sweet potatoes aren’t hard to select at the grocery store and are easy to store when you get home. Plus, they’re cheap. Avocados aren’t any of those things. At $2 each and spoiling quickly if she didn’t polish them off right away, I probably spent almost as much on lost avocados as I did on consumed ones. At least we live in California where her six-month addiction was pretty easy to supply, even over the winter.

I came across this partial solution to the avocado problem and thought I’d pass it along to those of you still in the throes of the Avocado Phase. I know none of us need an additional does-only-one-thing kitchen tool lying around, but if it saves you five browning avocado halves in your fridge, it’s paid for itself. From the reviews, it sounds like it works too. Happy greenness!

The Avo Saver, $5 at Amazon


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