Diaper Bags: More Skip Hop

August 14, 2011

In addition to Skip Hop’s Duo Deluxe, I looked at a number of their other bags.

– Skip Hop Duo Double Deluxe ($79 at Amazon). The giant older brother of my bag targeted at moms of multiples. Way too wide for normal use or a standard stroller.

– Skip Hop Via Messenger ($79 at Amazon). I like to be able to sling my bags across my body (despite not being a messenger) and ordered this one with high hopes. Sadly, it’s basically no bigger than the over-the-shoulder Duo and – key point to check when you’re buying a bag! – the pockets designated for bottles do not, in fact, fit my baby bottles (Born Free). Also, the multiplicity of pockets isn’t a plus: most are small or flat, which most baby stuff isn’t, and the internal pockets crowd the bag’s main compartment, leaving it barely big enough for a blanket, let alone a change of baby clothes or extra milk.

– I skipped over the Skip Hop Studio Tote ($72-89 at Amazon) because I’m not so much into that slouchy handbag style. Plus, capacity is only 3 oz. more than the Duo, so not much of a problem solver there.

As noted, the Dash Deluxe ($57 at Amazon) has similar positive features to the Duo and addresses the tumbling-stuff problem with an overflap, but it doesn’t have additional capacity, so you’re still at square one.

So much for Skip Hop. The search continues…


One Response to “Diaper Bags: More Skip Hop”

  1. […] thing though, since it retailed for over $300 and it’s measurements are comparable to the Skip Hop Studio Tote, which just isn’t big enough for […]

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