Diaper Bags: Kate Spade

August 14, 2011

thanks, http://iamshopaholic-perfect.blogspot.com/I had a black, heavy nylon Kate Spade diaper bag as my primary bag for ages about ten years ago. It was great: the bottle pockets held my keys and phone and the body was perfect for all my New York stuff. Sadly, Kate Spade discontinued it and mine is lost to the sands of time.

About a month ago though at a mom/baby yoga class, I spied a bright red, super-cool-looking diaper bag next to the woman across from me. (I wasn’t getting a lot of yoga done with Astrid rolling around next to me, so I had plenty of time to check out accessories!) I caught her after class and it turns out it’s another Kate Spade offering. Excellent news, I thought, since it looked big, stylish and heavy-duty. Turns out, it too – the Kate Spade Henry Baby Bag – has been discontinued. *sigh*

It’s probably a good thing though, since it retailed for over $300 and it’s measurements are comparable to the Skip Hop Studio Tote, which just isn’t big enough for me.

Kate Spade’s newer line has a similar bag, the Stevie Baby Bag, but the lines are less geometric and it doesn’t have contrasting-color details, both of which are (to me) a step backwards from the Henry. Also, after chatting with a mom who carries one, it doesn’t sound ideal: heavy when empty + still not enough room for everything she needs. Hmmm. Onward and upward…

Kate Spade Henry Baby Bag, $199 on clearance at Amazon (black only)or at various prices on eBay

Kate Spade Stevie Baby Bag, $395 at KateSpade.com


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