Best First Book: I Am a Bunny

August 6, 2011

Everyone tells you to start a bedtime routine right away with your infant so that by the time s/he is old enough to notice that there is one, you’ll have it firmly in place and be good to go. A story is always on that bedtime list. No one tells you though that infants have no use for books until they’re 2-3 months old or even older.

We had a little library of board books (I love Sandra Boynton), but Astrid paid no attention whatsoever when we read to her until she was nearly four months old and I bought her I Am a Bunny. As soon as I saw it on the bookstore table, I remembered that I’d had it as a kid and how much I loved the big colorful pictures.

There’s no compelling plot: it’s just a bunny named Nicholas and the simple things he does during the different seasons, like play in the fall leaves or smell the spring daffodils. Adorable and straightforward and attention-grabbing. And she can chew on the edges. Done.

I Am a Bunny, by Ole Risom and Richard Scary. Buy for $5.99 at Amazon.


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