July 26, 2011

Baby Bobux whale shoes

I’m finally willing to concede that Astrid needs some shoes. She got a bunch as gifts when she was born, but a.) most of them won’t fit her until next year, and b.) what the hell does a newborn need shoes for??

But now it’s gotten cold and she likes standing up if you hold her arms, so shoes it is.

A lot of the girls shoes out there are mary janes which both don’t seem to fit her chubby little feet + aren’t that warm, so I went hunting for some day-to-day shoes and here’s what I found: unbelievably cute Bobux baby shoes, handmade in New Zealand and not that expensive.

They’re super soft and flexible, although I did have to size up because the small size felt too tight across the top of her foot. (She’s 7 months and in a medium now with a fair amount of room at the toes. But she won’t walk for a while, so no harm, right?)

I found Bobux through a post at Baby Zone – it’s a great list of what’s out there for tiny footwear.


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